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Samstag, 18. Oktober 2014



Samstag, 6. September 2014

BraveheartBattle Countdown 07.03.2015 11:00 224 Days

Tough strong hard - Braveheart 


BraveheartBattle 2015

7. März 2015, Münnerstadt

25-30 Kilometer – schaun mer mal ;-)

Irgendwas zwischen 35 und 50 Stationen mit künstlichen und natürlichen Hindernissen

No Pussylanes!!!

 Startpreis: 65 Euro



Es können nur noch Starter über die Warteliste nachrücken.

Formular für Eintrag in die Warteliste bitte über This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it anfordern.


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"If you're going through hell, keep going"

Winston Churchill 



Der Kultlauf im TV:

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Songs for the battle

Es gibt in Münnerstadt und Umgebung viele Ferienwohnungen, Pensionen, Hotels etc. Münnerstadt unterstützt den BHB 2014 auch wieder mit einer Massenunterkunft.

Informationen  bekommt ihr hier:

KulTourisMus im Schloss

Tel.: 09733 / 7874 -82



Diese Hotels haben uns noch freie Zimmer gemeldet: 

Hotel Winterstein, Bad Kissingen 


Vital-Hotel Erika, Bad Kissingen 



BHB 2012 Testimonials

There’s no comparison to last year!!!!

Cursed and cheered, screaming and quivering, sweaty, frozen and dirty, but we’re REAL BRAVEHEARTS.

One doesn’t just become a “real Braveheart.” You become a member of the “Braveheart family.” There weren’t several teams taking part – it was a big “team Braveheart.”

It was the nicest course that I’ve ever run.

I still haven’t quite processed what happened.... AWESOME – I want to do it again!!! :-)

To make it to the finish line, you really have to mobilize every last bit of physical strength – especially your reserves.

There are limits in this world, but they just exist in our minds. Every limit is surmountable. BraveheartBattle 2012 :)

Thank you for laying out the greatest, most difficult, varied and simply awesome run. It was absolutely incredible!

It was my third time taking part and my third time crossing the finish line. ;-) I’m totally spent!!!!

It was my first BraveheartBattle and it proved to be a great experience for me. I’ve never had so many near-death experiences in a row...

Don’t play anything down. Those who think they should easily get through “the most difficult race in the world” and boast about it ought to go fishing...

The victory over oneself...... giving and receiving help during the race...... it’s a great feeling.

I’ll definitely be there next year! Just don’t make a mistake and let the starting field get too big, like with Strongman... Actually, compared to you, it’s Strongbaby...

...Awesome competition... I got my first cramps after 12 km, my heart almost went berserk while crossing the river, someone jumped on my back on the monkey bars, I caught a knockout kick on the last obstacle, my back got scuffed up, my arms and legs are full of scratches from thorn bushes and all of my muscles are still aching.

In short, I’m as happy as a little kid ;-)

This can definitely sit at the top of the list of the toughest competitions.

Anyone that has gone through this hell is truly tough!

Thanks to the Orga team, the helpers in the background, the fans, Münnerstadt and the fantastic participants for the team spirit. I’m waiting for 2013 :)

Absolutely brilliant and extreme! Very extreme – only something for true Bravehearts!

The Tough Guy and the Strongman can stay at home because no race is more challenging than the BraveheartBattle. My back is full of abrasions, my entire leg is scraped up and my forearms are covered in bruises. It was a ton of fun!

...I’m missing the mud, the camaraderie and the thrill – help, I’m having withdrawals!